Le Repère des Belettes is a decoration shop, online since april 2012.

It’s the first webshop to offer simultaneously contemporary objects, crafted creations but also vintage pieces, descended from seconhand markets ; a mix of all sorts of objects because we think there’s nothing better in order to create a decoration with character, different for everyone.


Le Repère des Belettes it’s also a site that has been thought as a « local shop » : the objects are staged, when possible, we give you some anecdotes about the objects, on their origins. Sometimes, we also suggest you to redirect the original function of some objects. I am sure you have understood, despite the fact that it’s an online shop, we do our best to make you feel like you’re in a « real » shop.


What’s more, Le Repère it’s a little bit of us. One day, someone gives us the idea of working together. A happy coincidence of life because after twelve years of working in communication and marketing, both of us wanted to work differently, to undertake. It’s the begin of the adventure of Le Repère.